Horace Mann High School Alma Mater

                 Author: Shirley Phillips-Cornelious, Mann Class of 1957


                             With a visage true and earnest
                             Thru thy gates we daily trod
                             Bringing in a nation greatness, 
                             For this land and for our God.

                             Having visions of tomorrow
                             Dreaming dreams of years ahead, 
                             Forging war on fear and hatred, 
                             Making peace with love instead.

                                Ever shining and majestic
                             Is thy true and noble name
                             Long shall we revere your mem’ries
                             Bringing endless joy and fame.

                             Living on towards life’s broad missions
                             We shall always heed your call, 
                             Holding high your staunch traditions,
                             Never shall your banner fall.

                             As a bird at eve’ in autumn 
                             Wings her young ones to the nest, 
                             Guide us, Lead us ever onward, 
                             As we strive to do our best.

                             Sealed within our loving bosoms
                             Can your spirit ne’er depart,
                             We shall hold your presence near us, 
                             With a hope that burns our hearts